Can Dogs Get Coronavirus COVID-19?

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Can Dogs Get Coronavirus COVID-19Can Dogs Get Coronavirus COVID-19? Here Is All You Need To Know

As this new viral disease, Coronavirus continue causing thousands of deaths across the world; there are so many revelations that are coming out. While there are those which could be true there are others which are baseless and not true after all.
If you have been reading a lot about Corona Virus, COVID-19, it is likely you have heard about COVID-19 and dogs. The question now is; can dogs get Coronavirus, COVID-19? Well, that is one of the most asked questions today.

Can Dogs Give You Coronavirus?

As with the case during the SARS outbreak in 2004, there have been fears that dogs can spread Coronavirus to human. Well, it is likely you have heard a lot of stories on the same and that might have had you thinking about a lot of things.
It is for fact, your dog can get Coronavirus, but according to Jane Gray, Hong Kong SPCA’ s chief veterinary surgeon; it is a totally different virus from COVID-19  which seem to  be making headlines across the world.
It is a weaker virus which doesn’t cause any respiratory problems in dogs or cats.
According to CDC, while there is a chance this virus emerged from animal sources, it is currently spreading only from human to human. However, CDC is now advising people traveling to China to avoid animals whether deal or alive.
At the end, really, it is important to note that, there is no evidence to suggest that any animal including your dog might be the source of this deadly virus.

How Can I Protect My Dog From Coronavirus?

As at now, you really don’t have to worry about so many things when it comes to protecting your dog from Coronavirus. Pet owners are advised not to do anything other than follow the basic hygiene precaution.
In this case, we are talking about washing their hands with soaps and water right before and after coming in contact with their animals including cats and dogs.
Additionally, if you tested positive for this deadly virus, experts from across the world are recommending you restrict any kind of contact with your animal.
This will help avoid exposing your pets and also prevent this virus from getting on their skin, which might later be passed on to another person who comes in contact with the animal.
As if that is not even enough; you are advised to wear a face mask when you are interacting with your dog. This will come in handy as it will reduce any chances of spreading the virus through droplets.

Should I Get A face Mask For My Dog?

Not necessarily; you pet, whether it is a dog or a cat don’t need a face mask in order to protect them against COVID-19.  However, should you notice any change in your dog’s health, you need to speak to a veterinarian as soon as possible.
Additionally, you are advised; under no circumstances should owners abandon your dog or cat because of this deadly pandemic.
So if you have been worried about the possibility of getting Coronavirus from your dog, you need not to. There is no evidence to show that can actually happen. The World Health Organization has in the recent days stated that there is no single evidence that a dog, cat or any other pet you have at home can really transmits COVID-19.
As it stands now, it can only be transmitted through droplets when an infected person sneezes, coughs or speak. So in order to protect yourself, you need to clean your hands frequently and it must be thorough.
Additionally, covering your face may also reduce chances of contracting this deadly disease.

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