Pets And The Coronavirus

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Pets And The CoronavirusPets And The Coronavirus:  There Is No Chance Pet Can Be Infected With Coronavirus

With over a million cases worldwide and thousands of deaths being reported from around across the globe, Coronavirus is the newest menace we are up against. Coronavirus is a pretty new virus and for that, there is still a lot of information we really don’t have concerning it.
If you have be watching news or reading your local dailies, there is a pretty good chance you have come across stories of animals being infected with this virus.

Can The Pet You Have At Home Transmit The Virus To You?

At the moment, there is no evidence to suggest this kind of transmission can occur. There is zero chances that pet your have at home can transmits the Coronavirus to you or any other person in that home. This could be the reason there has been very little push in the US to have pets tested for this deadly virus. According to CDC, there have been zero cases of a pet being diagnosed with this deadly virus.

Is there vaccine against COVID-19 available for cats and dogs?

As with us human, as at now, there is no vaccine available. Although there is a canine Coronavirus vaccine, that is meant for another member of Coronavirus family. It doesn’t provide any protection against COVID-19.

Can the virus live on animal fur?

With a number of studies showing this virus can live on a number of surfaces for several hours or even days, there are still some experts that think it is very unlikely. Chances of this new virus surviving on animals furs for hours are slim.  That, however, shouldn’t stop you from protecting yourself from COVID-19, especially when around animals.

How To Protect Your Pets?

If at some point you find yourself testing positive for COVID-19, it will make a lot of sense if you put in place the necessary measures in order to protect your pets at home.
Experts from around the world are advising you that, should you at some point feel there is something off with you, get tested as soon as possible.
US Center for Disease Control and Prevention on the other hand are advising you to restrict any kind of contact with your pets or any other animals should you suspect you are unwell.
The best way we can fight this menace remains prevention. There are a number of things you could actually do including.

  • Make sure you wash your hands frequently for about 20 seconds and with soap.
  • Always maintain social distancing. In this case we are talking about 3 feet (1meter) away from anyone sneezing or coughing.
Bottom Line

So as researches continue to unravel more information about this deadly virus, all we can do it wait. However, as it stands, there is still no evidence to suggest this virus can be transmitted from pet to pet owners. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful when dealing handling pets.

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