Primax Testo Review {WARNINGS}: Scam, Side Effects, Does it Work?

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Primax Testo Review Primax Testo

For men who have been struggling in bed for years; did you know that there are a couple of things you could actually do about it? You are facing the same problem, and unlike most of your friends who have sort help from a doctor, you are seriously thinking about buying this male formula called Primax Testo.
You have heard all those great things being said about it and you think it is all you ever wanted. But before you do that, you might want to learn the dark side of this male formula.

Company behind

If there is one mistake the people behind this product made is not telling us who they are. There operations are strictly online and you can’t really figure out who they actually are.  The closest thing you can come to knowing them is a website they have provided.

Primax Testo claims
  • Surge in sex drive
  • Bigger and stronger erections
  • Enhanced stamina and libido
  • Increased energy levels in the body
  • Boost flow of blood


Some of the ingredients we have been told to expect form this product include; Saw Palmetto, Horny Goat Weed Extract, Zinc Oxide and Magnesium. We all agree those are top and well known ingredients which have been used since the ancient times, but you shouldn’t get all excited about it. There is no evidence to show these same ingredients do really exist in this formula.

How does Primax Testo work?

Primax Testo is claimed to boost circulation of blood in the body. This wills see your penile chamber receive a substantial amount of blood, leading to those huge and strong erections. This formula is also said to come with ingredients which can leave you feeling very strong.

Primax Testo Pros

  • Contains well known ingredients
  • Inexpensive

Primax Testo Cons

  • Doest treat any underlining ailment
  • Not available in stores
  • Claim seem exaggerated
  • No information about the manufacturer is available

Primax Testo Results

It doesn’t matter what you are going through; there is no way this formula is going to be of any help to you. All those promises you see being flashes around are pure marketing gimmicks meant at luring you into putting your money on it.

Where to buy Primax Testo?

If you are wondering where to buy this product, you can log into the company’s main website and place an order.

Is Primax Testo a scam?

Primax Testo is scam. The fact the company behind it is operating anonymously raises a lot of questions. That is not even all; I have had so many people complain to have not received their orders even after making their payments.

Primax Testo Side effects

There is no questions; this male formula is not one of the safest ways to up your performances you can think of today. It destabilizes the body and that could see you suffer a wide range of side effects.


That said; as you can see, putting your money on this product is going to be pointless. It doesn’t work well; let alone a wide range of side effects you are likely to suffer. If I were you, I would instead see a doctor for he is the only person you can really depend on.

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