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Advanced Ketones Review (2020): Side Effects, Results, Scam

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Advanced Ketones Review

Advanced Ketones
In what we could say; taking marketing gimmick to a whole new level, there is this particular weight loss product, the Advanced Ketones that everyone is going for. It promises overnight weight loss results and that alone has seen hundreds of people put their money on it.
Well, if you have heard of it and you are thinking of giving a shot, it is good you are reading this; stay away from this scam product. It promises magical result in within a very short time, but that is what we are hearing across the market.
Previous customers feel duped for the product hasn’t worked for them.

Company behind

Advanced Ketones is made by an online bad company. They don’t have not provide any physical address and that could be another reasons why you need to keep off this dietary supplement.

Advanced Ketones claims
  • Burns fats fast and naturally
  • Gets you a slim and fit body
  • Boost energy levels in the body
  • It is made of 100 percent natural ingredients


If there is one thing that raises a lot of concerns about this product is all about its ingredients. The company behind it has not made it public and that should worry you a great deal. They only say this supplement is made of 100 percent natural extracts and herbs.

How does Advanced Ketones work?

This dietary supplement is said to boost the level of active ketones in the body, resulting in ketosis process. This will help burn excess fats in the body. It is also said to boost energy levels in the body, resulting in elimination of fatty cells in the body.

Advanced Ketones Pros

  • Natural ingredients

Advanced Ketones Cons

  • Adverse side effects
  • Not sold in stores
  • Doesn’t guarantee great results
  • Not meant for young mothers
  • Doesn’t underlying an issues that could be causing weight gain

Advanced Ketones Results

The product doesn’t come with any credible results. Although the makers have in the past say this product works differently on people, it doesn’t guarantee you any great results.

Where to buy Advanced Ketones?

The product is sold only on their official website. You will not find it sin stores. The worst part, once you place your order, you are expecting to wait for some days before it is delivered.

Is Advanced Ketones a scam?

Unless we are proved otherwise, we are going to classify the Advanced Ketones as scan for now. There are a lot of concerns that have been raised by customers and interestingly none has been handled by the makers of this weight loss. Plus, it effectiveness has been reported by customers.

Advanced Ketones Side effects

The company behind the supplement says this product is completely safe; don’t take their word for. It will react with your body and you are likely to suffer a number of side effects. Some of the issues reported by customers include dizziness, stomach upsets and abnormal heart rate


Bottom line;  yes, we agree there are plenty of methods you can use to lose weight today, but the Advanced Ketones product  is not one of them. It is totally ineffective and the amount of potential side effects you are likely to deal with should scare you for sure. We wouldn’t waste our time recommending this product to anyone. [weight]

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