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Ketomentin Review {WARNINGS}: Scam, Side Effects, Does it Work?

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Ketomentin Review Ketomentin

Ketomentin is simply a keto based weight loss supplement. It is sold exclusively on the internet. It promises its customers a lot of things and that alone has seen it being bought by some many people.
As that continues to be the case, I really wish to warn you against buying and using it. I’m going to give you all my reason why I’m against it.

Company behind Ketomentin 

Ardent-Keto an internet based business claims to be behind this product.  As at now, very little is known of them. We actually can’t tell where they are physically located or if they have been even licensed to make and sell this product.

Ketomentin claims
  • Surge in energy levels in the body
  • Fast are turned into fuel
  • Will see the body lose a lot of fats
  • Supports fast and natural weight loss

Ketomentin Ingredients

Lime Eliminate, Coffee Attain, Garcinia Cambogia and BHB and some of the main active ingredients found in this formula. Word of caution though; this is purely according to the manufacture. No single person can confirm if this claim is even true. They could be lying right to our faces.

How does Ketomentin work?

Not different for the rest of keto based products we have in the market, it is said Ketomentin first puts the body into ketosis.
This will see energy levels shot up, forcing the body to use its fat deposit as fuel. All the fats found in the body will be broken down, leading to a significant loss of fats in the body. This will in a couple of days see you lose weight.

Ketomentin Pros

  • Easy to buy and use
  • Unlimited stock
  • Shipping to different parts of the world

Ketomentin Cons

  • Not sold in public market places
  • It is expensive
  • Claims seem exaggerated
  • Doesn’t guarantee you any credible results
  • Not suitable for children and nursing mothers.

Ketomentin Results

Forget all those big promises and praises you have seen on the internet. There is no way this formula is going to get you the kind of body you have always wanted.
It doesn’t work and buying it with your hopes up there should be the last thing in your mind. It won’t get you the kind of results you would love to see.

Where to buy Ketomentin?

For people who would still want to try this product despite public outcry, you can actually make your order through the product’s official website. It is not sold in any public store or those pharmacies you frequent.

Is Ketomentin a scam?

We have every reason to believe we are dealing with any other scam product. There are so many things not right about it.
For example, there are no documents to show the product has actually been tested for safety and efficacy. That is not all; no single person has come out to endorse this formula.

Ketomentin Side effects

Should you go ahead and use this formula, you should be ready for some serious side effects.  It is not safe like we have been told. It does alter a number of functions from within the body and this could see you suffer a wide range of side effects.


Bottom line; I know a lot of things have been said about it, but I still insist; it is not something you could really trust to help you lose weight. It is not safe and could actually leave you with a series of health complications.

Mike Toni is a fitness freak & a gym trainer by profession. Apart from his bodybuilding obsession he loves to write & share his personal experience about his weight loss & Fitness journey. Having over 20+ years of experience in bodybuilding, helped many individuals to get jacked by different steroid cycle. (Read More) You can connect with him on Linkedin.

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