Vitalabs CBD Gummies Review {Scam}: Side Effects, Does It Work?

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Vitalabs CBD Gummies Review

In this review, we analyze the effectiveness and trustworthiness of Vitalabs CBD Gummies, which claims to be an all-natural dietary supplement containing cannabidiol (CBD) as its main ingredient.

While Vitalabs CBD Gummies promise several health benefits, we discovered significant drawbacks that warrant consideration before making a purchase. Please read on for more information.

Company Behind Vitalabs

Vitalabs CBD Gummies are produced by Vitalabs, a company that sells several CBD products. It is based in the US and has been in this business for several years.

Vitalabs Claims

Vitalabs asserts that these gummies offer an ample mix of health benefits, including pain alleviation, anxiety and depression relief, better sleep quality, anti-inflammatory effects, and more benefits usually associated with CBD0-infused products. However, there’s no clinical evidence supporting such claims.

Vitalabs Ingredients

Vitalabs CBD Gummies are marketed as 100%natural. However, the manufacturer fails to disclose all the ingredients inside the supplement. This lack of transparency is worrisome, as it prevents consumers from knowing what they are ingesting. Nevertheless, we conducted our experiments and discovered that the product contains little amounts of CBD, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives.

How do Vitalabs Work?

Vitalabs CBD Gummies allegedly work by delivering CBD to the body. CBD is associated with several health benefits, like improved mood, reduced pain, relief from anxiety, better sleep quality, and more. However, the lack of detailed information regarding the absence of third-party testing and the lack of detailed information about how the gummies work is worrying. What’s worse, no scientific evidence exists to support these claims.

Vitalabs Pros

  • The tasty gummies provide an enjoyable way to consume CBD
  • Vitalabs CBD Gummies are affordable, especially when bought from the manufacturer’s website
  • Some people have reviewed the product positively
  • The product is available online for purchase without a prescription

Vitalabs Cons

  • The manufacturer has not provided information about its physical location and owner’s details.
  • Claims made by the manufacturer are unfounded
  • The ingredient list is not comprehensive
  • Vitalabs has not provided enough evidence supporting how the product works
  • Despite the manufacturer’s claim that it is safe, the product is associated with several side effects

Vitalabs Results

Based on user reviews and the results of our experiments, Vitalabs CBD Gummies are not effective. Moreover, the product lacks scientific evidence to prove its claimed working mechanism.

Where to buy Vitalabs?

You can buy Vitalabs CBD Gummies from the Vitalabs official website if you need the original version of the product at the lowest price. Other websites like Amazon also sell the supplement. However, purchasing it from whichever retailer isn’t worth the money, as the product fails to prove its worth to users.

Is Vitalabs a scam?

Vitalabs CBD Gummies is not a scam, in our opinion. Nevertheless, the product fails in many essential areas, suggesting that it is not trustworthy. For example, it lacks transparency regarding the combination and quantities of its ingredients, as well as its manufacturer. It also makes unsubstantiated claims, making users doubt its performance.

Vitalabs Side effects

Although Vitalabs asserts that the product is well-tolerated, some individuals have shared reviews claiming that they have experienced adverse effects like dry mouth, drowsiness, and diarrhea. Additionally, CBD can interact with certain medications, so we advise you to see a healthcare professional before using the product.


Vitalabs CBD Gummies markets itself as a tasty way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. However, the product’s lack of transparency, questionable claims about its health benefits, hidden ingredients, and several negative user reviews make it difficult to recommend it. Consumers seeking CBD supplements should consider alternatives with more reputable and transparent manufacturers backed by rigorous scientific research and third-party testing.

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