Can My Cat Get The Coronavirus?

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Can My Cat Get The CoronavirusCan My Cat Get The Coronavirus? Here Is All You Need To Know

Even as Coronavirus continue making headlines across the globe, there are some shocking revelations which are slowly coming to light, especially those touching on our pets and this new viral disease.
News that a Bronx Zoo tiger testing positive for COVIOD 19 has given pet owners pause and it is fast becoming one of the most talked about at the moment.
A cat and tiger coming from the same family, I’m quite sure a lot has been running through your mind, especially if you have a cat. With news coming out that there is a chance your cat can be infected, I know how that could change the fight against Coronavirus altogether. So you know, you can’t really equate your cat with a tiger.
Although they come from the same family, viruses affect animals differently. So that talk about a tiger contracting CVID 19 is not applicable to that cat you have at home and shouldn’t worry you even a little bit.

Can a cat be infected with Coronavirus?

Well, this is a very important question. According to a new study carried out in Journal Science, unlike dogs, it is claimed cats are more prone to getting infected with Coronavirus.  This new revelation promoted World Health Organization to move into action and ordered a closer look at this possibility. Thankfully, it has come out there is very slim chances of your cat getting the virus.

Can You Get COVID-19 from your cat?

At the moment the answers to this burning question is no. CDC, one of the world’s respected organizations has said they have not received any reports of cats being infected with COVID -19 in the US. Additionally, they have also insisted that there is no evidence to show animals including that cat you have at home can spread COVID-19 to human.

Can people spread this new virus to pets?

As things stand now, there is zero chance that could be possible. Thousands of cats and dogs from over 15 counties have been tested by IDECC Laboratories Inc and they results came out all negative.
So according to CDC, if these figures are anything to go by, it is quite clear; there is no evidence that pet animals can become sick with or even transmits COVID 19 to humans
However, as that may be the case, it is important we take the necessary precaution measures. This is a rather new virus and there are a lot of things we really don’t know about. Pet owners are advised to isolate their sick animals including cats as World Health Organization continues to investigate the human transmission of this new virus to animals.

What Should A Pet Owner Do If They Get Infected With COVID-19?

Health experts from across the globe all agree that you should take the necessary precaution measures and play safe. Under no circumstance should you come in contact with your pet if you test positive for COVID-19.
It is important you do this as there are a lot of things we really don’t know about it. In this case, we are saying you shouldn’t cuddle,  kiss or even allow them to lick you.

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