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Granite X700 Review {WARNINGS}: Scam, Side Effects, Does it Work?

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Granite X700 ReviewGranite X700

This is another internet male enhancement formula we have seen being sold to thousands of male shoppers out there. Well, we all understand poor performance can impact negatively on his self-esteem and confidence.
However tuning to such untested internet product is just not going to make all of your problem go away. Here is why I really can’t advise any man to try out this formula.

Company behind

There is no known company when we talk of the people behind this product. All we have at the moment is a mere website which also lack the much needed details. In short, it looks like one of those internet ghost business with no proper business structure and physical address.

Granite X700 claims
  • Enhanced testosterone levels in the body
  • Big and powerful erections
  • Allows you to stay more in bed
  • Boost your confidence in bed
  • You become sexually active


Although this remains to be something yet to be verified, we are told the formula comes fully made from the following; Horny Goat Weed, Mucuna Pruriens, Maca Powder. So don’t get all excited since these are some well-known  plants and herbs since no tests has been done to ascertain if indeed they do really exist in the formula.

How does Granite X700 work?

This formula is said to come packed with powerful herbs and plants which can trigger a number of sexual activities in the body. First, it influences your body to produce more testosterone. This will see your libido restored.
Second due to increased levels of moxie in the body, you will be able to achieve those powerful erections. Plus, due to more blood reaching your penile chamber because of dilated veins that will ensure you maintain those super strong erections for hours.

Granite X700 Pros

  • Free shipping to customers offered
  • Available for purchase online
  • Easy to order; no prescription will be asked of

Granite X700 Cons

  • Not available in stores near where you live
  • Designed for male adults only
  • It will see you battle series of side effects
  • Not recommended for people with other health condition
  • You cannot use it while on other medications

Granite X700 Results

If you are turning to such formula products, it is obvious you are looking for better and faster results. Sadly, this formula won’t help you achieve that. All that you have seen being said about how great the product is only aimed at making the formula attractive and have you buying it.

Where to buy Granite X700?

It is exclusively internet sold. Any person that wishes to buy it can make their orders through the official website. As with many of   internet male enhancement formula products, it is not available in public stores near where you live.

Is Granite X700 a scam?

It is scam; I know you may be thinking it is genuine, but it isn’t. The way I see, it, it turn out to be one of those scam internet formula products.

Granite X700 Side effects

Despite users being promised the formula is naturally formulated, still, it could actually see you suffer a wide range of side effects. It pushes the entire body system to extreme limits, thus interfering with normal functions in the body, leading to severe side effects.


That said; I really know what you are going through. However, I still would strongly advise you against going for this formula. It not something you can really count on. Talk of the fact it could leave you with serious health issues.

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