FuzeBug Review {WARNINGS}: Scam, Side Effects, Does it Work?

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FuzeBug ReviewFuzeBug

If you are heading out camping with friends this coming weekend, apart from packing your camping equipment like a tent among others, you may want to bring this additional gadget, FuzeBug, with you. This is a sort of solar powered bug repellant. It will ensure the areas is free of mosquitoes and is well lit up, making the whole experience in the wilderness quite enjoyable.
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How FuzeBug works?

First, you have to make sure it is fully charged. A green LED will indicate it is fully charged. You then have to turn a sort of rotary switch until you heart a sort of click sound. This is where the LED light will come back on.
Once this is done, bug and insects will be drawn into an electric coil located right at the center of the gadget. One they came into contact, they are zapped, killing them almost immediately.

Top Features of FuzeBug

Rechargeable:  Another outstanding feature which makes it a must have is the fact it can be recharged after each use. Technically, one single charge should take you for about 24 hours.  That alone makes it highly portable, because you can charger before you set off into the wilderness.
Solar Powered Glow: The kind of light you get from this gadget can be controlled. You can control its brightness based on what your needs. You can go from super bright light to dim one.
Weatherproof:If there is another amazing feature about this gadget, it has to be fact it has been built to withstand and weather conditions. It is 100 percent waterproof and can survive rainy weather conditions. Additionally, it can do well in high temperatures. You can literally go anywhere with it.
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Ease of clean: When you are out there, obviously, this gadget may attract dirt. Thankfully, it is ridiculously easy to clean. Apart from coming with an easy to clean exterior cover, you also get a cleaning brush as a bonus. You can get rid 0f dirt and other debris, leaving it looking clean. In short, you won’t have any trouble cleaning it.

FuzeBug Pros

  • Highly efficient
  • Weather proof; it can withstand severe weather conditions
  • It can lit up the whole area for over 20 hours
  • It is fully rechargeable
  • Highly portable; you can easily stash it in your backpack
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FuzeBug Cons

  • May kill wrong insects
  • You have to charge it before you can use
Where to buy FuzeBug?

If you are looking at putting some of your money on this amazing gadget, you can easily order it direct from the official website. The company itself offers some incredible discounts on this product.  For example, you can buy 5 of them for around $31.99.
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Looking at that and what the gadget can do,   I would say this is one of the best deal around.


Overall if you are looking for the best camping device which can help you to effectively deal with bugs, this is the kind of product you really need.
The best part, it also doubles up as a torch.  I mean, with all the great things you can net from this gadget, I say it is worth every other consideration.
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