Review Guidelines – How We Fact Checked

We aim to give you the best quality and well-researched reviews and articles on many health topics, including diet, fitness, skincare, wellness, nutrition, and weight loss.

Since we started in 2012, we have published over 2,000 articles and written over 5,000 product reviews. Our main goal is to create an open and fair space for our readers, staff, partners, and sources. This honesty is important for our reputation and that of our partners.

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Goals of Web Health Buzz Reviews

  • Help people find trustworthy products and supplements.
  • Provide informative and useful articles.
  • Report health and beauty product scams.
  • Build a community.

Review Guidelines

We aim to inform our readers about:

  • New and existing programs and products for weight loss, healthy skin, reducing aging signs, improving testosterone, reducing joint pain, and overall healthy living.
  • Features of products, including ingredients, quality, side effects, usage, success stories, company background, and expert collaborations.
  • Similar products.
  • The science behind each ingredient.
  • Legal actions, scams, product recalls, or regulatory activity related to a product.

We also create videos reviewing popular products, diets, and nutrition advice on our YouTube Channel.

Product Details

Our product details sections list ingredients and labels provided by brands. They show where and how each ingredient was sourced, made, or formulated. We also list the claims related to the product.

Ingredient Research

We research each ingredient’s nature and check if the product delivers on its promises. We use sources like the National Library of Medicine, NIH, Google Scholar, Wikipedia, WebMD, FDA, and

Potential Side Effects

We focus on ingredient lists to identify possible side effects, not just company claims that their product is side-effect-free.

Company Evaluation

We do not accept information from companies or their PR firms. Instead, we check the company and product backgrounds using social media, forums, official websites, and other sources.

Customer Experience

We look at user experiences to see if they match product claims. We check various reviews and report accordingly.

Collaboration with Experts

We review our articles with experts in nutrition, diet, and fitness.

Success Stories

We check for customer success stories, including testimonials and before/after photos.

Sample Offers

Some brands offer small samples for customers to try before buying the full product.


We check product prices, cost per serving, and compare them to other products.


We find out if customers can get refunds if they are unhappy with a product, including the time frame for returns. Read our medical disclaimer for more information.

Article Sources

We reference authoritative sources like the Better Business Bureau, NIH, MedlinePlus,,, Google Scholar, PubMed, Wikipedia, WebMD, FDA, Healthline, and the FTC. We also include expert quotes and interviews.

Customer Reviews

At Web Health Buzz, we encourage readers to leave comments and share their experiences via video. We do not tolerate profanity, threats, hate speech, or self-promotion in reviews and comments. We may edit or remove content that violates these rules.

Qualities of a Great Review

  • Reflects personal experience.
  • Provides relevant, helpful, and accurate information.
  • Is easy to read, free of typos or grammatical errors.
  • Is well-written and not over-dramatic.

Qualities of a Poor Review

  • Contains profanity, hate speech, or threats.
  • Is plagiarized or self-promoting.
  • Is not relevant to the product.

Negative Reviews

Negative reviews are acceptable if they are honest and fact-based. We suggest reaching out to the company first to resolve issues before posting a negative review. (see:

Review Assessment

Every review and comment goes through a review process. We check for compliance with our guidelines and publish genuine, relevant content.

Final Word

Web Health Buzz is committed to evolving, learning, and earning your trust. While we strive for accuracy, we welcome feedback to improve.

Your Feedback

We value your input. If you have questions or comments about our content or think an article is outdated, please let us know through our Contact Us page.