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28 Day Keto Challenge Review {Warnings}: Scam, Side Effects, Does It Work?

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28 Day Keto Challenge Review28 Day Keto Challenge

You are probably thinking about 28 Day Keto Challenge. Having always wanted to lose weight, you may have come across it and its promise on how it could help you lose weight. However while  it is good thing you are thinking about doing something about your weight,  going for this program may not make any sense at all. Take your time and read through this very honest review. You will be given all the reasons why you don’t need it.

What is the 28 Day Keto Challenge?

Obviously many people out there would love to know what it is. Well, it is a comprehensive program that guide you as you begin your journey towards losing weight. It is basically a resource where you are told things you have to do in order to lose weight.  It is not a supplement but more of an e-book.

Company Behind

When it comes to this, it seems we are not going to learn of anything. The company or people behind it have kept much of the details about them and their operations top secret. From the look of things, there could be no legit business behind it.  For starters, that is one first red flag. Who would want to buy a product from a company they know nothing about?

What is inside 28 Day Keto Challenge?

As we said this a sort of a program, as expected, it has been categorized into different topics.  When you buy this program, you have full access to the following;

  • Keto diet basic
  • Foods to eat
  • How to stay in ketosis
  • Mastering macros
  • Intermittent fasting
  • How to deal with peer pressure
  • Guilt free desserts
  • Yummy avocado recipes

28 Day Keto Challenge Pros

  • You can easily access it online
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easy to follow instruction given

28 Day Keto Challenge Cons

  • You have to have an active internet connection to access
  • No reviews by real user
  • Not sold locally
  • It is highly priced

How much does it cost?

As per the official website, we are told the program will cost you $79. However, you may at times find it being sold at a discounted prices and this case you will pay $37 for it.

Is it legit?

From the look of things, it seems we are dealing with another illegitimate online product. We are saying this because even on the official website we have not seen real reviews by real users; one thing which could have helped us decide if this product is worth our money.

28 Day Keto Challenge Refund Policy

Buyers are promised a 60-day money back guarantee period. However, we are not sure if indeed you will get your money back. So don’t be excited thinking you will get your money in case you are satisfied with the results.


At the end really, what has been said about this program, especially by people behind it,    doesn’t matter anymore. What matter is you don’t get lured into putting your money on it because you are going to regret in the end.

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