Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream Review: Side Effects, Results, Scam

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream ReviewElemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream

If there is one industry that is getting really confusing is that of anti aging cream. We have in the recent years seen thousands of such products being created with all promise you the best results, only for them to end up disappointing you big time.
One such product is Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream. Despite all that marketing that has been done by the manufacturer, this particular anti aging cream has not managed to live true to its promises and claims.

Company behind

The company behind this product has not been disclosed. Even a quick look at the product’s official website gives you very little information about the manufacturer.

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream claims
  • Gets rid of those annoying wrinkles and fine lines
  • Ensures the skin remain well hydrated at all times
  • Increases production of collagen
  • Gives you that youthful look
  • Works in just 15 days


Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream comes formulated with the following ingredients; Padina Pavonica, Dermochlorella, Ginkgo Bilopa, Porphyridium Cruentum, Absolutes of Rose and Absolutes of Mimosa. Word of caution; we are not sure if indeed this cream does come with the said ingredients since no independent test has been carried out.

How does Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream work?

According to the manufacturer, this product reverses any aging signs. Once applied to the skin, it fills up wrinkle and those fines lines, giving you a very smooth face. It also ensures the skin is well hydrated, leaving it soft and smooth all throughout the day.

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream Pros

  • Presence of well known plant based ingredients

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream Cons

  • Very expensive
  • Not suitable for all skin types
  • Potential side effects
  • No reviews from independent sources
  • Manufacturer not known

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream Results

Truth be told; this product doesn’t guarantee you any credible results. It doesn’t matter how long you use the cream, it won’t help you achieve that youthful look.

Where to buy Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream?

You can buy this cream direct from the company’s official website. There are other third party online retailers that sell the product.

Is Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream a scam?

Yes, this product is a scam and that is because of a number of good reasons. First, this product has not been clinically tested for its safety and efficacy. Second, very little is known about the company behind this cream.

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream Side effects

Don’t be lied to; this ant aging cream does come with a degree of side effects. Just like similar products, this cream is likely to cause some serious skin irritation.  Additionally, some of the ingredients used might cause some allergic reactions. So if you don’t want any issues, just stay away from this product.


At the end, really, even with all that campaign and marketing, one thing stands out; Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream is not going to help you achieve that youthful look. It doesn’t work as promised and they only thing you are likely to deal with are a wide range of side effects. In short, there is no way we are going to recommend this cream to you or any other person out there.

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