The Best Nootropic Supplements

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Most people who take nootropic supplements target memory boosts, cognitive, and overall brain health. The ideal nootropic supplements improve memory, increase focus, and boost intelligence. The effectiveness of nootropic supplements lies in their ability to enhance blood flow into the brain. The profound benefits emulate a blend of plant extracts, minerals, and vitamins.

Nootropic supplements are ideal for people of all ages, college students, people working in a stressful environment, athletes, or any other profession, and nootropic supplements will give you that extra touch you desire.

There are so many nootropic supplements on the market, and it can be pretty challenging to get the right supplement to boost your cognitive functions. Our review is meant to give you a personalized touch on the best nootropic supplements in 2023.

The Top 33 Nootropic Brain Booster Supplements

All the nootropic supplements you will find on the shelves will claim to improve your cognitive functions. However, some will not offer the perceived benefits due to the vast number of unscrupulous dealers. Below is a list of the scientifically proven nootropic supplements you can choose from.

NooCube Brain Productivity:This product can improve brain function on a comprehensive level
Mind Lab Pro:A study has found that Mind Lab Pro can improve brain function and memory retention
Nuzena Neuro Focus +:It only takes a few minutes to optimize brain function with this formula
NooBru:It enhances mental performance and maximizes brain potential
SANE Vitaae:Using the Brain Trick, you can increase your brain’s energy utilization by 90%
Ageless Brain:A combination of 11 high-quality ingredients supports cognitive function and brain cells
Onnit Alpha Brain:Through carefully selected natural nootropic ingredients, Alpha Brain provides daily mental support
Nootrogen:Nootropic formula with 100% natural ingredients for better mental performance and cognitive function
Hunter Focus:You can benefit from this premium nootropic supplement to improve your focus
Qualia Mind:This product combines natural ingredients that boost brain power
Brain Boost:It was created by physicians to improve mental health and promote the regeneration of brain cells
NeuroActiv6:Faster results for improved cognitive function
Performance Lab Mind:This nootropic supplement has been called an advanced nootropic formula
NeuroFuel:In just 30 minutes, the original CILTEP® blend starts promoting brain health
Synapse XT:Nootropic stacks improve brain health and hearing
Mind & Mood:Stress and anxiety can be treated successfully with this nootropic supplement
PureHealth Research Ageless Brain:It is a unique and high-quality nootropic supplement
Brain C-13:The herbal ingredients in this nootropic supplement help improve brain function
BrainEssence:Nutrients contained in it are some of the most potent nootropics in the world
Cymbiotika Golden Mind:An advanced formula of brain nutrients to produce healthy brain cells
Elm & Rye Nootropics:Increase mental energy and cognitive function with this proprietary blend
Amy Myers MD NeuroLive:The formula contains seven micronutrients to support brain functions and brain cells
Neuro:You will significantly benefit from these functional gums in terms of mental energy and performance
CogniBiotics:The new probiotic formula can improve gut and optimize brain health
OptiMind:Its high-quality ingredients improve concentration and energy levels
Oweli Neuro:Your brainpower will be boosted by 100 times with this formula
ReMind Solution:Supports six performance indicators by enhancing cognitive performance
Youthful Brain:Doctor Sam Walters, a physician with years of experience, developed the formula
Brain Pill:According to the description, there is a secret treatment for poor brain function called Brain Pill
ProMind Complex:This product makes use of six distinct memory retention techniques
MemoSurge:As a brain supplement, it is one of the most effective
Memory Hack:Increase your brainpower with this natural brain booster
Memo Defend:The most effective and pure ‘Work Of Art’ for mental clarity and brain function

NooCube Brain Productivity

Important Facts
Company:Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited
Ingredients:This brain supplement has Alpha GPC, Huperzine A, cat’s claw extract, Bacopa monnieri, and others
Serving per container:30 servings
Dosage:Two capsules
Money-back guarantee:60-day money-back guarantee
NooCube Brain Productivity Costs $60

NooCube Brain Productivity sells nutritional supplements and is a product by top neuroscientists. Unlike many of its competitors, NooCube Brain Productivity contains zero caffeine; instead, it offers a combination of herbal plant extracts and other cognitive supporting ingredients.

This means that the manufacturer is overly confident in the quality and wellness of the ingredients to induce and surpass the perceived benefits.

Mind Lab Pro

Important Facts
Ingredients:The most profound ingredients present Mind Lab Pro are lion’s mane mushroom, Rhodiola Rosea, citicoline, Maritime Pine Bark Extract, Bacopa monnieri, and Phosphatidylserine
Serving per container:30 Servings
Dosage:Two capsules of mind Lab Pro daily
Money-back guarantee:30-day money-back guarantee
Mind Lab Pro Retails for $69

Of the vast number of nootropic supplements in the online stores, Mind Lab Pro is one of the most popular brands and is relatively higher priced than other supplements. Mind Lab Pro is, therefore, a suitable product for first-timers to choose from.

Every serving of Mind Lab Pro consists of two capsules and offers the synergetic effects of 11 effective brain boosters. The formula can improve mental health and enhance brain cell development. The majority of its ingredients are patented and advanced to induce maximum benefits. Mind Lab Pro regards NutriGenesis as a perfect product for increasing bioavailability and absorption of brain nutrients. Due to its overwhelming advantages, Mind Lab Pro is one of the most popular brain supplements in the online space.

Opti-Nutra manufactures Mind Lab Pro, a medical board regulated and headed by Dr. Ramon Velazquez.

Nuzena Neuro Focus +

Important Facts
Ingredients:Every serving of the supplement consists of a blend of vitamins and minerals, glutamic acid, green tea, bilberry extracts, and 692mg of DMAE bitartrate
Serving per container:30 servings
Dosage:Two pills
Money-back guarantee:NO
Nuzena Neuro Focus + Retails for $30 a Single Bottle and $60 When You Buy 3

Nuzena’s NeuroFocus + is a supplement that can improve focus, memory, mental health, and cognitive function. It also supports healthy brain cells and can slow cognitive decline. The product originates from the United States, and it is sold on its official website exclusively.


Important Facts
Ingredients:NooBru supplement powder contains alpha GPC, Ashwagandha, L-theanine, Huperzine A, choline bitartrate, and other proven ingredients to improve brain function and mental health
Serving per container:20 servings
Dosage:One scoop
Money-back guarantee:100% satisfaction guarantee
NooBru Price Retails at $55

NooBru was introduced into the market in 2020 and caught that you enjoy the perceived benefits. The manufacturer targets athletes, students, older folks, employees in highly active jobs as the primary client base.

Many customers prefer NooBru due to the manufacturer’s transparency, while many of the brain supplements in the market do not disclose their ingredients. With every purchase, you are fully aware of the ingredients and dosages, ensuring that all purchases are made from an informed point of view.

The supplement comes in two powder forms (Shield and Advantage). You can choose either powder, mix with water and enjoy the drink. Either supplement guarantees immunity and mental energy boost by optimizing brain chemicals. Also, it can boost brain function, improve cognitive function, and increase concentration.

SANE Vitaae

Important Facts
Ingredients:Every serving contains Vitamin D, folate, acetyl L-carnitine, CoQ10, citicoline, omega-3 fatty acids, and other ingredients to increase brain energy utilization by 13.6%
Serving per container:15 servings
Dosage:Three capsules
Money-back guarantee:One-year money-back guarantee
SANE Vitaae Retails at $47

Vitaae is a revolutionary product from SANE Laboratories and is one of the best nootropic supplements available today. While the majority of the nootropic supplements contain vitamins and herbal extracts as the primary ingredients, Vitaae is composed of antioxidants like CoQ10 that assist brain inflammation. According to the manufacturer, consistent supplement intake boosts brain energy capacity by over 13% and increases membrane turnover by a whopping 26%. This is inclusive of other perceived cognitive functions.

Ageless Brain

Important Facts
Ingredients:Its most profound ingredients are Bacopa monnieri and other unique ones such as cacao, cinnamon, Camu Camu, guayusa, and dragon’s blood
Serving per container:30 servings
Dosage:Two pills
Money-back guarantee:365-day money-back guarantee
Ageless Brain Retails for $55

Ageless Brain is a nootropic supplement from Organixx.

If you are currently fed up with your current nootropic supplement, Ageless Brain is one of the natural nootropics you should look out for. Though there persists a research gap in the effectiveness of some of its ingredients, Ageless Brain is a worthy competitor in the nootropic supplement space.

Onnit Alpha Brain

Important Facts
Ingredients:Every dosage comprises Huperzia Serrata, oat straw, Bacopa monnieri, and cat straw
Serving per container:90 capsules
Dosage:Two capsules
Money-back guarantee:100% satisfaction guarantee
Onnit Alpha Brain Retails at $35

Of all the nootropic supplements found on the online space, Onnit Alpha Brain is by far the most popular brand and enjoys the marketing prowess of Joe Rogan. The product induces cognitive abilities, concentration, memory, brain function, and other mental benefits.

Arguably, Onnit Alpha Brain is unique in that it enjoys the backing of many peer-reviewed sources and numerous clinical trials. Not many companies are keen on funding clinical trials and selling their products based on trial and error. Every purchase of the nootropic supplement guarantees a high-quality product that has been tested, vetted, and proven to slow cognitive decline and provide various mental benefits.

The manufacturer’s due diligence has enabled the company to amass over one million bottles in sales. All the ingredients present in the supplement have boosted cognitive health. Despite the proprietary formulas used, the company discloses the dosages of every element present in each serving. This factor cements its place among the best nootropic supplements in the online space.


Important Facts
Company:Vita Balance
Ingredients:However, the supplement comes with unique ingredients, including DMAE, L-tyrosine, and glutamic acid. It also includes additional 642mg herbal blends and amino acids
Serving per container:30 servings
Dosage:Two pills
Money-back guarantee:NO
Nootrogen price Retails at $30

Nootrogen is another cutting-edge nootropic supplement that induces cognitive benefits, concentration, and brain energy and is enjoyed with a two tablet serving.

Just like other best nootropic supplements, Nootrogen promises similar perceived benefits. The price is relatively lower than many nootropics supplements. It is an attractive option for those seeking value for money.

Hunter Focus

Important Facts
Company:Roar Ambition
Ingredients:The most profound ingredients present are passionflower, Bacopa monnieri, Phosphatidylserine to optimize brain chemicals and target most brain pathways
Serving per container:30 servings
Dosage:Four capsules
Money-back guarantee:NO
Hunter Focus Price Retails at $60

Hunter Focus by Roar Ambition claims to edge you over all sorts of stiff competition. Every dosage of Hunter Focus induces cognitive wellness using its unique blend of high-quality natural ingredients.

The manufacturer claims it is the best product against mental fatigue and the poor nervous system. Its attractive package is bound to catch every buyer’s eye. All the dosages are disclosed, with each serving set at four capsules to ascertain maximum benefits. This makes it one of the best nootropic supplements with the highest dosages, a factor that many users look out for. The supplement retails for $60 per bottle.

Qualia Mind

Important Facts
Company:Neurohacker Collective
Ingredients:The nootropic stack has natural nootropic ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Bacopa Monnieri, Taurine, DL-Phenylalanine, and others
Serving per container:154 pills
Dosage:Three pills
Money-back guarantee:100-days money-back guarantee
Qualia Mind Retails at $59

Qualia Mind is a nootropic supplement from Neurohacker Collective and lives to the expectations of its perceived benefits. Every package contains 28 brain-boosting active ingredients that have been found to boost memory and memory recall, improve cognitive function, and ensure long-term mental health.

You can choose from the four nootropic supplements under its brand, including Dualia Focus, Qualia Mind, Qualia Mind Essentials, and Qualia Mind Caffeine Free.

Vital Plan Brain Boost

Important Facts
Company:Vital Plan
Ingredients:With a set of revolutionary ingredients such as Ginkgo Biloba, Ashwagandha, Bacopa monnieri, lion’s mane mushroom, and cat claw’s extracts, Brain Boost helps with brain cell repair and creation of new brain cells
Serving per container:30 servings
Dosage:Four capsules
Money-back guarantee:90-day money-back guarantee
Brain Boost Retails for $48

Brain Boost is a nootropic supplement from Vital Plan created by the renowned Dr. Bill Rawls. The supplement improves brain functions, memory recall, concentration, nervous system, immunity, stress, and alleviates the gut microbiome.

Notably, the manufacturer is transparent on the ingredients used and their dosages, unlike some brain supplements in the online space. In the same light, Brain Boost contains zero proprietary formulas making it one of the most sight-after nootropic formulas of 2023.


Important Facts
Ingredients:Every serving of the supplement contains grape seed extracts, Ashwagandha, Vitamin B, turmeric, coffee fruit extracts as well as citicoline for long term brain health benefits
Serving per container:30 servings
Dosage:Single scoop
Money-back guarantee:60-day money-back guarantee
NeuroActiv6 costs $46 a month

NeuroActiv6 is a nootropic supplement manufactured by NaturalCell. The powder formulation claims to improve concentration, memory, and healthy brain function. It can also optimize brain chemicals to control memory and behavior.

Arguably, NeuroActiv6 is the easiest way of restoring optimum brain power and nervous system by incorporating it into your daily beverage. Also, the manufacturer is transparent and discloses all the ingredients and their dosages on the packages and official website.

Performance Lab Mind

Important Facts
Company:Performance Lab
Ingredients:The brain supplement has Maritime pine bark extract, L-tyrosine, Phosphatidylserine, and citicoline to optimize brain health and promote brain cell growth
Serving per container:30 nutricaps
Dosage:One nutricap daily of Performance Lab mind a day
Money-back guarantee:30-days money-back guarantee
Performance Lab Mind costs $69

One noticeable nootropic stack called Performance Lab Mind is an effective nootropic supplement that is hygienically packaged to complement its effective formula. Consistent supplement use can improve cognitive function by over 13% increased concentration spans and overall brain health.

Performance Lab Mind’s synergetic blend of ingredients offers equitable body minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients that boost cognitive function in different capacities.


Important Facts
Company:Natural Stacks
Ingredients:This nootropic stack has forskolin, artichoke extracts, vitamin B6, and acetyl L-carnitine. Each dosage contains 750mg of acetyl L-carnitine, 900mg of artichoke leaf, and 500mg of L-phenylalanine
Serving per container:45 capsules
Dosage:Three capsules
Money-back guarantee:30 days
The price of NeuroFuel is $30

NeurolFuel is a nootropic supplement from Natural Stacks that improves cognitive abilities, overall brain health, and memory. Despite the ingredient’s similarity with other nootropics supplements, NeuroFuel surpasses its competitors in that its elements are traced on the blockchain. This makes it the only “open source” supplement. This unique formulation makes NeuroFuel a significant force to reckon with in the brain supplement space.

Ideally, Natural nootropic stacks emphasize high doses of few ingredients rather than small doses of many elements. This formula makes it effective as opposed to some of its competitors.

Synapse XT

Important Facts
Ingredients:The brain supplement boosts your brain performance with natural herbs, plant-based ingredients, multiple vitamins, and minerals
Serving per container:30 servings
Dosage:Two pills daily
Money-back guarantee:NO
Synapse XT costs $69

Synapse XT brain supplement contains a consistent mixture of herbs, minerals, vitamins, and plant extracts to improve cognitive and hearing abilities. The best nootropic supplement is specific to restoring declining brain and hearing abilities in older populations. The supplement originates from West Jordan in Utah.

Consistent intake of two capsules of Synapses XT daily is said to restore hearing, concentration, and memory among adults.

Mind & Mood

Important Facts
Ingredients:The brain supplement formulated by Dr. Joshua Levitt and Dr. Amanda Levitt uses adaptogenic ingredients such as GABA, saffron, L-theanine (Amino Acid), 5-HTP, and Rhodiola Rosea to improve your overall brain function and emotional health
Serving per container:30 servings
Dosage:Two pills
Money-back guarantee:60-days
Mind & Mood Costs $57

Mind & Mood is a cognitive health supplement manufactured by UpWellness. While many brain supplements seek to improve brain health, Mind & Mood focuses on containing emotions, anxiety, and stress. This is the ideal supplement for everybody who suffers from anxiety-related problems and would want to turn around the situation.

According to the manufacturer, a daily dose of Mind & Mood will calm down your nerves leading to higher satisfaction in life. Mind & Mood remains one of the best natural nootropics formulated by real doctors.

PureHealth Research Ageless Brain

Important Facts
Ingredients:Ageless Brain combines a variety of well researched natural ingredients such as Caffeine, GABA B Vitamins, and Huperzine A
Serving per container:30 servings
Dosage:One capsule daily
Money-back guarantee:One-year money-back guarantee
PureHealth Research Ageless Brain Costs $44

The second “Ageless Brain” on this list is a product of the PureHealth Research supplements company. Dr. Holly Lucille formulated Ageless Brain.

According to the creator, the product targets over 50-year-olds more vulnerable to cognitive decline conditions such as reduced memory. The capsule form supplement is vegan-friendly and contains no toxic substances that might trigger severe side effects.

The downside to this supposedly natural product is that it lacks detailed information on the individual ingredients in the proprietary blend. This means it might have slightly higher or lower doses than the clinically recommended amounts.

Brain C-13

Important Facts
Company:Zenith Labs
Ingredients:The formula comprises Bacopa Monnieri, Sarcosine, DMAE, Mucuna Pruriens, Rhodiola Rosea, Rosemary, and Centella Asiatica. The formula is free from artificial fillers that can trigger allergic reactions
Serving per container:30 servings
Dosage:Serve three pills daily
Money-back guarantee:180 days
Brain C-13 Costs $49

Brain C-13 was formulated by Dr. Ryan Shleton, the medical director for Zenith Labs. The company claims to use all-natural ingredients in their proper amounts to counteract cognitive decline by addressing three main issues.

The formula stimulates blood flow, mental processing speed, mental acuity and fights oxidative stress, which might cause brain cell damage. It also nourishes the brain with critical nutrients to reinforce its natural restoration process. Brain C-13 may also promote cognition function, avoid mental fatigue, and reduce hiatus during thoughts.


Important Facts
Ingredients:Every dosage of BrainEssence comprises substantial doses of 300mg of Bacopa monnieri extracts, 500mg of acetyl L-carnitine, and 200mg of Ashwagandha. The supplement also includes minute does of alpha-lipoic acid, Rhodiola Rosea extracts, Chinese Club moss extracts that come with a bit of Huperzine A, among others
Serving per container:30 pills
Dosage:Take two pills
Money-back guarantee:90 days
BrainEssence Costs $30

BrainEssence is another nootropic supplement and is manufactured by PureEssence. According to the manufacturer, the supplement improves energy levels, concentration, alleviates negative moods, and restores memory. Unlike most brain supplements in the nootropic line, BrainEssence is formulated as a tablet. Daily intake of two pills is said to support the brain in different capacities.

Cymbiotika Golden Mind

Important Facts
Ingredients:These ingredients include lion’s mane mushroom powder, amino acid, Rhodiola Rosea, and organic phosphatidylcholine. It also contains some rare elements such as Gotu kola and buckthorn
Serving per container:30-day serving
Dosage:14 pumps
Money-back guarantee:NO
Cymbiotika Golden Mind Costs $50

Cymbiotika is a renowned supplements company that has produced Coated Silver, The Omega, Synergy D3, and Golden Mind, among other dietary supplements. The company was founded in 2018 in California.

Unlike most natural nootropics in this list, Golden Mind comes in a tincture rather than capsules or tablets. The supplement improves cognitive abilities, nerve growth factors, and mental function. It also enhances mental processing speed and protects against age-related cognitive decline.

The brand has built a respected name from its high-quality formulae comprising wild-sourced ingredients. The combination of ingredients in this nootropic stack may also promote brain cell regeneration, boost the immune system and reduce brain fog. The brand is also prevalent among scented-formulation lovers.

Elm & Rye Nootropics

Important Facts
Company:Elm & Rye
Ingredients:Although the company uses a proprietary blend, they still list all the constituents. The ingredients include Vitamin B3, B6, Alpha GPC, Caffeine Anhydrous, essential amino acids, and Silicon Dioxide to improve mental performance, enhance mental clarity, and provide other mental benefits
Serving per container:60 pills
Dosage:Take two pills
Money-back guarantee:30-day satisfaction guarantee
Elm & Rye Nootropics costs $85

Elm and Rye Nootropics is a reputable brand that claims to prioritize third-party lab tests as a way of assuring quality, safety, and potency. The manufacturer mainly deals with gut and brain supplements. Their dietary supplements include Elderberry Gummies, Testosterone Support, Daily Probiotic, and Melatonin Gummies.

The company’s nootropics can purportedly improve focus memory and prolong your attention span. Its additional benefits include increased energy and stamina.

Amy Myers MD NeuroLive

Important Facts
Company:Amy Myers MD
Ingredients:The supplement contains ingredients such as Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, L-Theanine (Amino acid), Sharp-PS Green Phosphatidylserine, Mucuna Pruriens seed extract, Bacopa Monnieri, and Vitamin B6
Serving per container:30 servings
Dosage:Two capsules daily
Money-back guarantee:90 days
NeuroLive Costs $49.97

NeuroLive is a doctor-formulated product of the Amy Myers supplements company. The formula is designed to restore cognitive function mental performance, provide mental clarity, and boost brain function.

The formula comprises some highly potent brain promoter nutrients scientifically proven and approved by clinical studies to solve cognitive issues. According to the formulator, the supplement can positively affect cardiovascular conditions and moderates blood circulation. The manufacturer also claims the dietary supplements have been subjected to third-party lab tests to ensure quality, potency, and safety.


Important Facts
Ingredients:B-Vitamins, minerals, caffeine, essential amino acids, and flavors
Serving per container:One packet contains nine pieces, which can easily fit the pocket
Dosage:One gum
Money-back guarantee:100% happiness guarantee
Neuro Price Starts From $21

Neuro is a unique product in this list as it comes in mints and gummies, which are preferable to some customers. The supplement promotes energy, mental clarity, calmness and focus, and overall mental function.

Each of their three gummies serves a unique goal, Energy, Clarity, and Focus. According to the manufacturer, the company uses a patented cold compression process to stimulate the supplement’s bioavailability. Purportedly the gummies and mints can boost your energy five times faster than coffee or energy drinks.


Important Facts
Ingredients:The formula has a proprietary probiotic blend of L.casei, L.helveticus, L’Fermentum, B Infantis, B animalis, and B.longum. Another blend consists of Chinese remedies such as Schisandra Chinensis, Bupleurum Chinense, Citrus Aurantium, Paeonia Lactiflora, Albizia Julibrissin, and Ligusticum Chuanxiong
Serving per container:60 capsules
Dosage:Two capsules
Money-back guarantee:One year
CogniBiotics costs $62

CogniBiotics is a product of the BioOptimizers supplements company founded in 2004. The formula works by restoring a balance between “bad” and “good” bacteria in the gut. The result is improved mental clarity, memory, and general health.

Unlike most formulae on this list, CogniBiotics works by restoring healthy digestion, which is considered the root cause of cognitive decline. Gut health is directly related to brain health. Along with strengthening your gut health, this nootropic stack can boost memory mental function, provide mental acuity and enhance overall cognitive performance.


Important Facts
Ingredients:It constitutes a variety of highly potent natural brain-health promoting ingredients such as Caffeine, Taurine, Bacopa Monnieri, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Huperzine A, L-Tyrosine, GABA, and Sulbutiamine
Serving per container:32 capsules
Dosage:One capsule a daily
Money-back guarantee:NO
OptiMind costs $30

OptiMind is a product of AlternaScript LLC, a Texas-based supplements company. Besides supporting long-term brain health, the creators claim the supplement is designed to clear brain fog, increase focus and promote energy.

Some of its ingredients include Bacopa Monnieri, which is highly potent with 55% bacosides, the component that carries its medicinal value.

Oweli Neuro

Important Facts
Ingredients:Some of its ingredients include Phosphatidylserine, Inositol, Huperzine, Zinc, and Bacopa Monnieri.
Serving per container:30 servings
Dosage:Two capsules
Money-back guarantee:100 days satisfaction guarantee
Oweli Neuro costs $30

Known as Neuro, the Oweli Neuro formula is reputable for its outstanding quality. The supplement is designed to increase focus and multitasking, especially for individuals who wish to increase their professional productivity. But users may also experience improved memory, improved mood, and moderate stress.

The brand is also dedicated to providing detailed information by labeling all the ingredients of their proprietary blend for users to evaluate whether any can trigger allergic reactions. Nonetheless, the product is free from any harmful substances and is safe for healthy individuals.

ReMind Solution

Important Facts
Ingredients:The nootropic stack contains various cognitive enhancers like Bacopa Monnieri, N-acetyl L-carnitine, Ginkgo Biloba, and L-glutamine, Huperzine A, and others
Serving per container:30 servings
Dosage:One pill daily
Money-back guarantee:60-day money-back guarantee
ReMind Solution Costs $69

ReMind Solution is a cognitive restoring supplement that aims to promote healthy brain function to its maximum performance. The formula consists of clinically proven brain cell nourishing ingredients, which are entirely natural.

The manufacturer also claims the complementing properties of the ingredients provide reversing effects on aging symptoms. This is due to the highly potent antioxidants that get rid of toxins, the leading cause of brain cell damage.

Remind is manufactured under GMP-certified and FDA-approved US-based facilities.

Youthful Brain

Important Facts
Company:Vitality Now
Ingredients:The formula consists of natural ingredients such as Huperzine A, L-Glutamine, Vitamin B12, Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, Bacopa leaf powder, Asian ginseng root powder
Serving per container:60 pills
Dosage:Two pills daily
Money-back guarantee:180 days
Youthful Brain Costs $65

Youthful Brain is a Vitality Now product designed to address the age-related decline in brain functionality. But this does not limit the product from being effective on a younger population increasingly suffering premature aging.

Like most supplements, the formula also promotes energy to increase productivity. It is designed to restore brain function by increasing mental blood circulation.

However, the formula contains Soy and Tree Nuts, which might cause side effects in allergic individuals.

Brain Pill

Important Facts
Company:Leading Edge Health
Ingredients:Brain pill ingredients include Synapse, Bioperine, L-Theanine (Amino Acid), Phosphatidylserine, Folic Acid, Cognizin, and Vinpocetine
Serving per container:30 servings
Dosage:Two pills
Money-back guarantee:67 days
Brain Pill costs $69.95

Brain Pill addresses cognitive decline by restoring blood circulation to the brain cells. The supplement boosts focus, memory, and stress management to increase productivity.

The product is mainly marketed for over 40-year-olds and individuals suffering cognitive decline, although the manufacturer says healthy individuals can also use it to improve their current conditions.

Unlike most supplements, this can be consumed when intending to carry out an activity. The formulator recommends taking a pill one hour before an effective workout. But daily dosing should not exceed a single tablet, as it may lead to side effects such as insomnia, headaches, and diarrhea. However, this does not call for alarm, as they disappear in a few hours.

ProMind Complex

Important Facts
Ingredients:The formula consists of 7 highly effective brain-boosting ingredients, inclusive of Bacopa Monnieri extract, Voacanga Africana, Huperzine, Tyrosine, N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Phosphatidyl L-Serine, and Ginkgo Biloba
Serving per container:30 capsules
Dosage:One capsule
Money-back guarantee:60 days
ProMind Complex costs $69

ProMind is an all-natural cognitive restorative supplement formulated by Carl Henderson with the help of Dr. Jack Lane. Dissimilar to other brain restoration formulae, ProMind also helps restore dental health by fighting pathogens that might affect brain health.

The supplement also helps to expand blood vessels to improve blood flow. It also induces anti-inflammatory effects while inhibiting oxidative stress, damaging brain health.

The manufacturer also claims the formula is vegan friendly, wherefore it cannot trigger any allergic reactions. The only disappointment is the low dosage of ingredients, which makes the supplement a bit under its price.


Important Facts
Ingredients:Its natural ingredients list includes N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Gelatin, Microcrystalline cellulose, Silicon, and vegetable-sourced Magnesium stearate. But it also contains soy, an allergen that might trigger allergic reactions in some individuals.
Serving per container:30 servings
Dosage:One capsule daily
Money-back guarantee:60-day satisfaction guarantee
MemoSurge costs $69

MemoSurge is a cognitive restorative supplement that addresses brain degradation in multiple ways. The formula stimulates neurotransmitters in the brain to increase focus and performance. It also has components responsible for brain cell regeneration, such as Phosphatidylserine. Also, it increases brain pathways and repairs damaged brain cells.

Some of its additional benefits include inhibiting insomnia and anxiety and improving the growth of new brain cells.

Memory Hack

Important Facts
Company:Nutrition Hack
Ingredients:Some of its ingredients include Phosphatidylserine, amino acids, Citrulline DL-Malate, Magnesium L-Threonate, and Rhodiola Rosea
Serving per container:One-month serving
Dosage:Two capsules
Money-back guarantee:60-days
Memory Hack costs $69

Memory Hack is a brain-promoting supplement formulated by Michelle Wilds. It belongs to Nutrition Hacks, a US-based supplements company. The manufacturer believes the formula is designed to combat brain-related conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and memory decline. It also helps to eliminate brain fog and to increase concentration. These are achieved by stimulating blood circulation in the brain.

Memo Defend

Important Facts
Ingredients:The formula gets its cognitive restoring, calming, and mood-enhancing effects from a variety of ingredients inclusive of Olive, Green Tea, Garlic, Hawthorn, Vitamin C, and Hibiscus
Serving per container:60 pills
Dosage:Take two pills
Money-back guarantee:60 days
Memo Defend Costs $69

Memo Defend is a researcher formulated product with some of the rarest ingredients in brain supplements. The formula eliminates brain fog, insomnia, memory decline and regulates blood flow. According to its creator, it’s designed to minimize the symptoms of severe brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, which might worsen if left unattended.

How We Ranked the Best Nootropics and Smart Drugs

You might notice that almost all nootropics and smart drugs claim similar benefits to top-industry products. Unlike other supplements, the changes caused by nootropics are hard to measure. Hence it might be hard to tell if a product works or not. Here are some of the key factors we considered:

  • Science-Backed Ingredients
  • Effective Dosages
  • Transparent Advertised Benefits
  • Proprietary Blends
  • Professional Supervision
  • Manufacturer Reputation & Lab Testing
  • Third-Party Lab Testing
  • Customer Experiences
  • Price & Value
  • Clinical Trials & Peer-Reviewed Research
  • Money-Back Guarantee

The Science Backing Nootropic Supplement and General Benefits

Like most brain supplements introduced to the modern market, Nootropic makes specific claims about its usability. We review such claims to prove their viability, especially the clinical tests backing the formula and reviews from users with standing experience with the product.

Scientists and medical researchers often endeavor to adapt viable traditional medicines into modern prescriptions suited to contemporary lifestyles. In the case of Nootropic, several studies have been launched, including the landmark 2001 research on multiple participants. A primary ingredient in the Nootropic supplement is the Bacopa Monnieri, derived from herbs and has been continually developed over the centuries as a traditional Chinese medical regimen.

Another highly rated ingredient in the supplement is the Ginkgo Biloba, extracted from natural elements. The extract is not new to the supplement market as it has been used for a couple of centuries, mainly as traditional regimens. Modern scientists have devised experiments and clinical tests involving both animals and humans, and the findings back the popularity of Ginkgo Biloba in the current supplement market.

According to a study launched in 2001, Ginkgo Biloba was administered to participants for two weeks with its outcomes closely monitored. Some of the immediate findings recorded were faster response times among participants and improved memory retention. The efficacy of such conclusions was matched to a placebo group that recorded lesser memory responses.

Another common element in the formula is the Ashwagandha. This is classified as an adaptogen essential in developing cognitive ability supplements. Some of the recent studies launched for this element include the 2016 research by ScienceDirect, which resolved that the Ashwagandha had mind-protecting properties. The ingredient mainly focused neurotoxins concentrated in the brain, which impeded normal functioning like memory retention and cognitive performance.

Lion’s mane mushroom is also a great ingredient in many brain supplements and smart drugs to boost mental performance. Lion’s mane mushroom can support brain cells, avoid mental fatigue and support healthy brain function.

The other essential element in this formula is the Huperzine, backed by an enduring body of sciatica research dating back to the 1900s. A study conducted in China involving test participants and the control group found that the element significantly reversed Alzheimer’s symptoms and actively improved patients’ memory retention and cognitive performance. Huperzine A is the commonly used ingredient in modern supplements and is essential in the composition of Nootropic supplements.

Nootropic formulas also factor in the L-thiamine ingredient to offer essential amino acids. In most dietary supplements, L-theanine is combined with other crucial mind-boosting elements to counter the effects of caffeine addiction. Its inclusion in brain supplements stimulates alertness and high energy levels. The side effects commonly experienced when using caffeine, such as erratic jitters and anxiety, are entirely avoided when using L-theanine. Many people take Caffeine and L-theanine daily to boost their cognitive performance. L-theanine may nullify the adverse effects of caffeine, giving you all of the energy-boosting benefits of caffeine with none of the jitters or anxiety.

Maritime pine bark extract is also a potent ingredient in smart drugs. It is rich in antioxidants to eliminate free radicals, enhance brain function and boost mental performance. The maritime pine bark extract can also support blood flow and brain cell regeneration.

Some Nootropics use ginseng (also labeled as Panax ginseng or Korean ginseng) to support cognition. This study found that taking 200mg to 400mg of ginseng reduced mental fatigue and improved brain performance, among other cognitive enhancers.

Onnit Alpha Brain is one of the few Nootropic supplements and nootropic stacks that has completed major clinical trials. In the 2016 study published in Human Psychopharmacology, researchers gave Onnit Alpha Brain to 63 participants between 18 and 35. Participants received either Onnit Alpha Brain or a placebo over six weeks. Researchers found the Alpha Brain group “significantly improved verbal memory” and executive functioning compared to the placebo group. It was one of the first – and most extensive – studies involving a specific Nootropic brand.

Overall, the best Nootropic supplements available today use proven ingredients to support cognition, mood, memory, and more. Look for science-backed ingredients and dosages to ensure you’re maximizing the benefits of your Nootropic formula.

FAQs About Nootropics

We get plenty of questions about smart drugs and how they work. Here are some of our most commonly asked questions and answers:

Q: What is a Nootropic?

A: A Nootropic is a smart drug, supplement, food, beverage, or other consumables used to boost mental energy, cognitive function, mental performance and offer many other mental benefits.

Q: What do Nootropics do?

A: Nootropics and smart drugs support brain health in different ways. Some boost memory and cognition. Others increase energy by acting as a stimulant. Some even improve executive functioning or adjust brain plasticity in unique ways.

Q: What are the best Nootropic supplements?

A: Any top-rated Nootropic formulas and smart drugs on our list are among the best Nootropic supplements available in 2023.

Q: Are Nootropics safe?

A: By law, all Nootropic supplements sold online today contain ingredients Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. When following the recommended dosage instructions on your supplement, you’re unlikely to experience safety issues or severe side effects. However, smart drugs could become unsafe when combining Nootropics with drugs or experimenting with dosages. You should also talk to your doctor before taking a Nootropic if you have a medical condition or take any medication.

Q: Why should I take a Nootropic supplement? What are the benefits?

A: People take Nootropic supplements to boost memory, cognition, and overall brain power. Some people are targeting a specific issue – like memory problems. Others are looking for general cognitive support.

Q: Who benefits from a Nootropic supplement?

A: Athletes, people who work in competitive environments, college students, entrepreneurs, busy parents, older adults, and anyone looking for a cognitive edge can all benefit from a good Nootropic supplement.

Q: How do I buy Nootropics and Smart Drugs?

A: Today, Nootropics are widely available online and offline. You can buy Nootropics through Amazon and other major online retailers. You can even find smart drugs at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and other brick-and-mortar retailers.

Q: Are Nootropics Legal?

A: Yes, Nootropics and smart drugs are legal in all 50 states. To sell a supplement in the United States, the company must use ingredients and dosages Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. The FDA has verified that these ingredients and dosages are generally safe when used as intended.

Q: Are Nootropics vegan?

A: Most active Nootropic ingredients are vegan. They do not come from animals. However, some manufacturers package their ingredients into gelatin capsules instead of vegetarian capsules. Gelatin capsules are not vegan (gelatin is a pork or beef by-product).

Q: When should I take Nootropics?

A: Most people take Nootropics in the morning or early afternoon to support cognition during regular working hours. If your Nootropic supplement contains stimulants, then it’s important to avoid using it late at night, as it could make it more difficult to fall asleep.

The Top 33 Nootropic Brain Booster Supplements Final Word

Nootropic supplements are more popular than ever. At your disposal are more advanced Nootropic formulas than ever. Today, you can conveniently buy popular Nootropic formulas at major online and offline retailers. A good Nootropic supplement optimizes mental energy, cognition, mental performance, executive functioning, and more. This ultimate guide on the best Nootropics contains the top-ranking brain boosters and cognitive enhancers on the market in 2023

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