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X Ripped Review {WARNINGS}: Scam, Side Effects, Does it Work?

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X Ripped ReviewX Ripped

X Ripped is simply a muscle enhancement supplement, especially meant for men. It is currently marketed all over the internet and that alone has seen it find its ways into many our homes.  However, if what we know about it is anything, there are real reasons why you shouldn’t even think about going for it today. Check this out and get to know why going for it is going to be pointless.

Company behind

Truth just be told; there is very little information on the company that can be found anywhere and that should tell you one or two things. First, there is real chance the company is not in existence. Second, they could be running some unlicensed business operations thus all the secrecy.

X Ripped claims

  • Increased metabolism
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Increased stamina and physical strength
  • Helps you grow those big and great looking muscles


You are probably wondering about what has been used to formulate this one formula. Well, although we have seen the following; Citrulline Malate, L-Carnitine, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Cayenne Pepper and Glutamine, listed on the official website, we can’t know if they have actually gone into this one product.

How does X Ripped work?

It is claimed this formula can help you grown those great looking muscle. It comes packed with fat burning ingredients which will see rate of metabolism soar through the roof. Due to high amount of energy produced, you will be able to exercise for hours and also allow for faster muscle recovery.

X Ripped Pros

  • It is easy to use
  • Great packaging
  • Can be mailed o users from around the world

X Ripped Cons

  • Not sold in your local stores
  • You have to exercise to see results
  • It is quite pricey
  • Claims seem farfetched
  • It may have you suffer side effects

X Ripped Results

As for results, this is another one big disappointment about this one product.   However much it comes with exciting claims, it will not in the long run see you net any credible results.

Where to buy X Ripped?

It is currently not sold locally.  If you wish to give it a try, you can only access it online and that is specifically through the product’s official website. You will not find it in stores near you. So without any internet connection, having this product is probably not going to be easy.

Is X Ripped a scam?

As for whether this product is scam; yes it certainly is and that in mind, you should really be careful not to be tempted into thinking about giving it a try.  Don’t let its claims have you spend   money on it because you are simply not going to like anything about it in the long run.

X Ripped Side effects

Although we are told this product is not potent as with many other fat burning    products, we have had users complained about severe side effects they had to deal with after using it. That shows there could be traces of chemicals and additives we have not been told about.


Bottom line; if you really wish to pump up your muscles, we suggest you figure out another way. This internet product is not good and you should also be worried because it may have you suffer serious health issue because it is not safe as claimed.

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