Organifi Harmony Reviews {Side Effects}: Scam, Does It Work?

Organifi Harmony Review

Organifi Harmony

If you have a hormone imbalance and PMS problems, Organifi Harmony claims to be an instant solution to your problems.

Made of superfoods and a harmonizing blend of ingredients, Organifi Harmony is touted as the most effective hormonal balance supplement you can ever find. But, before investing in it, this review will help you understand the supplement more.

The Company Behind Organifi Harmony

The manufacturer of Organifi Harmony goes by the name Organifi. The company is popular for producing effective superfood powders that have earned an excellent reputation in the supplements market. It uses natural and clinically tested ingredients to make its products.

Organifi Harmony Claims

Organifi Harmony asserts that it can alleviate PMS symptoms, improve the body’s energy level, boost the user’s mood, and enhance overall body health and well-being.

Organifi Harmony Ingredients

The ingredients found in Organifi Harmony are categorized into two: superfoods and a harmonizing blend. The superfoods include Turmeric, ginger, cacao, and acacia, to mention a few.

On the other hand, the harmonizing blend includes Shatavari, Maca, and chaste trees. While the harmonizing blend is included to control the levels of progesterone and estrogen, the superfoods have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

How does Organifi Harmony Work

As already mentioned above, Organifi Harmony uses its ingredients to deliver various health benefits. While the superfoods primarily alleviate inflammation, the harmonizing blend mainly addresses hormonal imbalances.

The good news is that most of its users have attested to experiencing these alleged positive effects. Likewise, most of the ingredients used in this supplement are clinically tested for safety and effectiveness.

Organifi Harmony Pros

  • The ingredients are natural and generally safe.
  • Organifi Harmony is certified by the USDA, meaning that it is a legitimate product.
  • It is easy to purchase as you do not need a prescription.
  • The product addresses the common hormonal imbalance problem often experienced by women.

Organifi Harmony Cons

  • Information about the product’s dosage is misleading.
  • There is a potential that the supplement can cause side effects like vomiting, fever, and stomach upset.
  • Its price is relatively higher than that of other products designed to deliver similar effects.
  • There is no scientific backing for some of the ingredients.

Organifi Harmony Results

Most Organifi Harmony users have reported positive effects like better mood, improved sleep quality, and reduced PMS symptoms. Nevertheless, others have reported little or no effects at all.

Where to Buy Organifi Harmony

If you want to purchase Organifi Harmony, you need to place an order for the product online. Some of the websites through which you can place an order include the manufacturer’s official website, Amazon, Ubuy, eBay, and other licensed retailers.

Is Organifi Harmony a Scam

No, Harmony is not a scam but a legitimate supplement manufactured and marketed by a reputable company. However, the product lacks transparency in some areas and also causes adverse health reactions in some individuals. For these reasons, we urge you to use the supplement cautiously.

Organifi Harmony Side Effects

According to Organifi, Harmony is a safe and effective product that uses natural ingredients to deliver positive effects. However, customer experiences have revealed that the supplement also causes side effects like nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Therefore, you should see a doctor before consuming it to stay on the safe side.


To wrap it up, we saw that despite its side effects and negative aspects, the benefits of Organifi Harmony outweigh its downsides. The product is highly effective at alleviating PMS symptoms, detoxifying the body, working as an antioxidant, and many more. While it comes at a slightly higher cost, Organifi Harmony is worth the price. Therefore, we recommend it to women seeking to balance their hormones and improve their body health in general.

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